Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 2 Set of 6 Figures w/ Thanos BAF

  • Open all six super-articulated Hasbro action figures to collect and connect the Mad Titan, Thanos!
  • Includes Avengers movie figures alongside 6-inch scale classics from your favorite comics.
  • Open all the figures for variant hands and different heads for your very own Thanos 6-inch scale action figure!

The biggest, baddest, and most Marvel-ous heroes on the planet are here! Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 2 Set brings you 6 individually packaged 6-inch scale action figures spanning the right history of one of the biggest super hero organizations on the planet, including:

1x Iron Man Mark 43 (Movie)
1x Hulk (Movie)
1x Captain America (Movie)
1x Fierce Fighters Spider-Woman
1x Fierce Fighters Hellcat
1x Batroc