Combiner Wars Leader Armada Megatron

The war between the Autobots and the Decepticons has raged across the galaxy for thousands of years. Now, the battles of this ancient conflict are being fought on Earth by the last survivors of the planet Cybertron. Optimus Prime leads his heroic Autobots against the soldiers of the villainous Megatron. Choose your side -- the fate of Earth hangs in the balance!
Legendary Characters Rendered in Incredible Detail
Transformers Generations Leader Class figures feature the most powerful and legendary Transformers characters rendered in incredible detail. Collectors will love the larger scale, advanced conversion, and authentic Cybertronian design. Kids will love the awesome action features and pretending to take part in the incredible struggle for the fate of the universe. There are a variety of Transformers toys to choose from (each sold separately). Collect your favorite characters, pick your side, and join the battle for Earth!
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Large-Scale Armada Megatron
For thousands of years, Megatron has led fanatical legions of evil Decepticons in their war for conquest. A living weapon with dozens of modifications made in the name of increased power and destructive capability, his only weakness is his single-minded desire for the enslavement of the universe. This large Megatron figure depicts the Decepticon leader in the Transformers Armada universe, where the Autobots and Decepticons clash over Mini-Cons, human-sized robots who might hold the power to turn the tide of the war. Transformers Armada also marks the beginning of one of the most epic Transformers sagas, the Unicron Trilogy, in which a massive black hole near Cybertron threatens to consume the entire universe. This is the Decepticon leader on the verge of one of the most unforgettable Transformers storylines.